Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Things

Do you remember some of these: Diner
I like alot of the things from the the 57 Chevy Belair. I also like the 69 Camero
That was a time when things were safe and you hung out with your friends. You were able to walk to your friends house alone & be able to stay out late just to play street games that were innocent and fun. There wasn't alot of TV watching in those days. Some of the favorite shows were "I Love Lucy", "Red Skeleton" , etc. Shows on TV were good to watch and funny. I enjoyed those days, oh to think of those times................

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Genealogy

I have done some family genealogy previously, but now want to finish my pedigree chart for myself and my children. When you get so far back in your ancestry it is had to find infomation. I know you can read the census, etc but in those times there have been misspelling of names, etc on the listing. So you have to be real careful to make sure your information is substiuated with facts that you know are true. So if you want to do your family hertiage start now while you older relatives are still living and get as much information & pictures as possible from them. That way you know it to be correct information. Well, to get back to finding & documenting the information that I have at the current time.
Until next time....................................