Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Pictures Coming

I posted some pictures of things but I will post some more later. I will show you some of my vintage Christmas tree ornaments. In some of the pictures you will see some putz houses, the small ones are the original ones, the bigger ones on the boxes were purchased this year at a landscaping place called "Adlers" in my hometown. Jeff Adler does some great vintage type displays and his merchandise is to die for. He always picks the right types of things to sell at Christmas, even his garlands are great and some really primitive ones.

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It's starting to look like Christmas around here with the snow and the cold tempatures. I have my decorating done and have baked some cookies but this year I joined a "cookie swap" with my daughters and some other ladies. It will be nice to have cookies not only mine own but some other ones and I didn't even have to bake them. Now, thats nice!!!

I took some pictures of my decorating and will upload them later today for you to see. I simplified this year, I didn't put up my Dept 56 buildings & scenes, I guess maybe I'm getting to old and just not the energy I use to have. But, then again I think it shouldn't take me as long to un-decorate and put things away when Christmas is over. What a way to look at it. LOL

Facts About Christmas
I thought I would share a few facts about Christmas:

There really was a St. Nicholas, He was the beloved Bishop of the Greek Church of Myra, and he lived in Asia Minor during the early part of the 4th century.

Come back and I will share some more facts with you.

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