Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's starting to look like Christmas around here with the snow and the cold tempatures. I have my decorating done and have baked some cookies but this year I joined a "cookie swap" with my daughters and some other ladies. It will be nice to have cookies not only mine own but some other ones and I didn't even have to bake them. Now, thats nice!!!

I took some pictures of my decorating and will upload them later today for you to see. I simplified this year, I didn't put up my Dept 56 buildings & scenes, I guess maybe I'm getting to old and just not the energy I use to have. But, then again I think it shouldn't take me as long to un-decorate and put things away when Christmas is over. What a way to look at it. LOL

Facts About Christmas
I thought I would share a few facts about Christmas:

There really was a St. Nicholas, He was the beloved Bishop of the Greek Church of Myra, and he lived in Asia Minor during the early part of the 4th century.

Come back and I will share some more facts with you.

Until my next blog.
Take care..............