Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Closer

Christmas is getting closer everyday. I have started my shopping but probably like everyone else I still have things to do. This year it is hard to shop for some of my family members because not only are the grand kids getting older but for my husband when we need something throughout the year we normally go get it, so when it comes to shop for presents at Christmastime it is hard to buy him anything. But hopefully within the next week I can think of something to get him.

I don't make as many cookies as I use to because people are trying to watch their weight, so there is no sense to make alot of cookies when they won't get eaten. But I still will make a few of the favorites.

I will post a few of my decorating pics for you to see in a couple of days. Like baking I have cut back on my decorating this year. Maybe because I am getting older, it is harder to get the stuff out, decorate and then put it all back in its storage boxes. But I have done a little decoarating and I will share with you when I get the pictures taken.

So until then, have good health and happiness in everything you do.....